Why Do Sports Books Change the Point Spread?

This is an important concept to grasp. Point spread lines do not stay the same and they are not exactly the same at all the online casinos across the globe.

Think about the casino\sports book\bookie’s point of view for a minute. Their only goal is to take as many bets as possible while having an equal amount of action on each side of the bets. That way they make their percentage and do not risk losing money.

However, most of the time more money will come in on one side of the bet than on the other side of the bet. This puts the house at risk. If the team that has the most money bet on it wins, the bookie can be out a ton of money.

What should the sports books do if all the money is coming in on one side of the bet? This is where line moves come in. What the sports books do is adjust the line so that it is more attractive to bet on the other team. This way more people will bet on the other side of the bet and the sports book will end up more balanced. So that is why there is line moves.

When all the money is coming in on one side of the bet, the line will move to make the other side of the bet more attractive. This is also an indication of what the smart money is doing. There is some ultra-superstar bettors that everyone else tends to copy. When one of these superstars places a bet, often their bet will be imitated across the globe and it causes the line to shift.

So, that is often the hidden reason for those line changes.

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